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Our team has over 96 years of combined experience in the automotive industry working in many different activities for one of the world’s largest automotive companies.

Our teams have provided services to many system integrators and automotive assembly and fabrication plants utilizing the laser floor layout process.

 Members of our teams have used our process to layout a entire automotive assembly plant, providing the layouts for over 300 integrated weld tool and robotic systems.

To be the global leader in the promotion of Laser Projection for Factory and Building Layout.

We will achieve this through superior customer service, competitive pricing, speed and accuracy, and a quality driven business for laser solutions.


Wittbrodt and Associates was started in 2009 offering a new service that would provide a time and cost savings for automated systems integrators, manufacturers, and building contractors.

Utilizing the latest laser projection from FARO®, our team has developed and perfected the use of laser projection to accurately perform floor layouts from CAD design data. Our teams have laid out hundreds of integrated systems at many integrators and also at the factories where the systems run.

Wittbrodt and Associates LLC is the world leader in laser projection factory layout.